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Legal Notice - Advertise & Conduct an Auction of the Former Murlin Heights Elementary Property





Pursuant to the provisions of O.R.C. §3313.41, the Vandalia-Butler City School District’s Board of Education (hereinafter called, the "Board of Education") will conduct a public auction on August 5, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. to be held at the Board of Education Offices located at 500 S Dixie Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377, for the purpose of offering for sale the real property formerly known as Murlin Elementary consisting of approximately 15 acres located at 8515 N. Dixie Drive, Dayton, OH 45414 (the “Property”). The minimum bid reserve has been set at $1,270,000.00 for the Property and the Board of Education may require the successful bidder to deposit 10% of total bid price in cash or certified check payable to the Board of Education (in its sole discretion), with the balance in full at closing.  The Property will be sold in its “AS IS” condition. The successful bidder is responsible for making all inspections, with prior notice to and approval of the Treasurer, prior to said auction.  The sale of the Property to the successful bidder shall not be final until accepted by Resolution of the Board of Education with the written notification of such acceptance sent to the successful bidder by the Treasurer. The Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject all bids, waive any and all informalities and/or terminate the auction for the Property at any time, in its sole discretion. The full conditions of the sale, including a legal description of the Property, will be set forth in a purchase agreement, which may be obtained from the Board of Education’s offices located at 500 S Dixie Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377or through the Board of Education’s website at


Click here to download the Resolution to Authorize the Sale of Former Murlin Heights Elem Site.