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David Mohler
Chief Technology Officer


Equipping students in the twenty-first century

Education in the twenty-first century demands a practical, forward-thinking understanding of technology and a cooperative approach to integrating technology with the student’s home, classroom, and various student programs.

At Vandalia-Butler City Schools, teachers and students benefit from a curriculum deployment that is supported by a Technology Department infused with practical, private-sector experience.

Along with supporting the day-to-day business operations of the district, the Technology Department answers the technology goals of the curriculum agenda, supports the individual classroom needs of teachers, assists students with connecting their own devices to the learning systems, and maintains a sustainable operation with a low total cost of ownership.

The Technology Department also participates in alternative funds sourcing (such as E-Rate), new technology testing, staff training through District professional development, and even in-classroom instruction at the high school relative to the  Applied Technology course.

Recent History and Contributions of the VBCSD Technology Department

For a few years up until June 2013, the District directly employed four persons in the Technology Department.

During the early period of the design and construction of Butler High School and Morton Middle School, beginning in August 2010, the District entered into an outsourced agreement with ClearLogic Corporation to provide a contracted Chief Information Officer to work with KLH Engineers and the various contractors. The District’s CIO value-engineered the construction documents and subsequently managed the installation of technology systems by both contractors and District employees. As a result of value-engineered cost savings, VBCSD was able to provide interactive technology in every classroom of Butler and Morton, at a lower cost than the original construction design, and use its own employees to install the electronic networking infrastructure, servers and hardware. A copy of that contract can be downloaded here.

The addition of the renovation of Demmitt Elementary School demanded a full-time person be devoted to the District’s technology oversight. Thus, upon termination of the outsourced CIO contract, a Chief Information Officer was hired as an employee for a three year term starting July 1, 2011. A copy of that contract can be downloaded here. The CIO was paid 50 percent out of operating funds and 50 percent out of construction funds.

As the construction work was completed and department duties were normalized, the CIO’s employment contract was cut short on June 30, 2013, when the CIO resigned along with two other District employees, and technology support services were outsourced through a less-expensive arrangement. Effective July 1, 2013, the District now directly employs only one person, who is the Network Manager. The District reduced its operating costs by $45,177 annually, and retained the same level of full-time service, through outsourcing the functions of two support personnel and the CIO. A copy of the current outsourcing agreement with Edison Lightworks, LLC can be downloaded here.

A copy of the cost-savings analysis can be downloaded here.

Hardware Purchases
All hardware purchases are made through approved vendors and/or state purchasing contracts. The primary vendors are MDECA, CDW-Government, and SchoolHouse Electronics. Neither Edison Lightworks, LLC or its sister company, ClearLogic Corporation, sell any hardware to the District or engage in any other business beyond the single contact currently in place. Interested vendors are encouraged to contact Business Services at 937-415-6400 for information on doing business with Vandalia-Butler City Schools.

Contact us at 415-6400 with questions.


2016 E-Rates Q&A


Q: Is the district considering alternative equipment to the items listed in the application? The reason I ask is that the wireless access points and controller listed in the application are going to be “end of sale” products by the end of 2016. Also, the 48 port switches listed are not PoE capable. Will they be used to power the access points?

A: PoE switches are not wanted and we’re aware of the “end of sale” for the HP access points and controller. You are welcome to provide a proposal with options that are equivalent to the items requested within the 470.

Q: The Category One Narrative from the above-referenced Form 470 application includes the following specifications: (10a) Bundled Internet/Transport from ISP to each district location; addresses can be found on the Associated RFP uploaded to this 470 line item. (10b) 10-Mb to 200-Mb from 600 S Dixie Dr, Vandalia, OH 45377 to each remaining district location; addresses can be found on the Associated RFP uploaded to this 470 line item. Are you actually seeking Internet & Transport from the ISP to each district location, or are you seeking Internet & Transport from the ISP to the High School (600 S Dixie Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377) then also seeking Internet & Transport from the High School to other buildings within the district? If neither of the configurations indicated in this question are correct, then please specify the exact configuration sought.

A: Your interpretation of (10a) is correct. (10b) is requesting transport from the HS to all the other buildings within the district. We are looking for a cost-effective solution and the 470 could also accommodate your interpretation.

Q: Are you open to Hosted PBX VoIP solution?
A: Yes we are. The district currently uses an on-premise PBX.