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FAQs - Restart Schools

Last Updated: 7/30/2020 8:17 PM

Frequently Asked Questions - 2020/2021 Restart Schools (Updated 7/30/20 4:15 p.m.) 


If I sign my student up for the All-Online, SchoolsPLP program, and the district makes the decision to go remote prior to the first day of school, can I remove my student from the SchoolsPLP program?

            Once you sign up for the All-Online, SchoolsPLP program, you are committing for the first semester. You will not be                  able to switch from one option to another, until the second semester scheduling is available. 

How will transitioning from the SchoolsPLP online program semester one back to face-to-face instruction semester two be handled?

If a parent desires their student to transition back to face to face instruction, information on the process to transition back to face to face instruction at the semester will be available in October with scheduling to occur in November. Building administration, counselors, and staff will work with your student on the transition from all remote back to face-to-face instruction.

How do you sign up for online preschool?

                There is no online preschool option available.

What determines which scenario the district uses?

At this time, the district is prepared for multiple situations. However, there is no set criteria that will determine when to switch from scenario to scenario. A change could occur if there is a change district-wide, locally, within the county, state, or nationally concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. The District will be in consultation with the County Health Department as it would in any public health situation in making these determinations.

Why are Smith students NOT required to wear masks?

The Governor’s school guidance plan stated masked were recommended grades 3-12, but required grades 6-12. When he gave the mask order for counties in the red a few weeks back, he noted this did not change the school guidance. We did not see anything that changed that when he announced the statewide mask order. We will continue to monitor this and make any necessary changes.

If a student needs to quarantine, how do they complete their work?

If a student needs to quarantine, the student will need to receive the school work similar to how they do when out sick for an extended period during the typical face-to-face school day. Instructions will be given to students on how to access instruction, assignments, and how/when to turn assignments in.

If you choose the SchoolsPLP option, do students need to log on during specific times of the day?

Students participating in the SchoolsPLP program will be required to log in daily. However, there will not be a specific time for logging in. Students will be able to log in and work at any time during the day.