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Schools Join Force with City, Township to Take Back Control

Vandalia-Butler City Schools

In a show of unity, Vandalia-Butler City School District officials, City of Vandalia leaders and Butler Township trustees passed a resolution Monday, Nov. 30 to take back local control.

"The purpose of a resolution such as this one os to serve notice.  It serveas as a notice to the local constituents that their representatives are firghting for their local interests.  And, it serves notice to legislators that local officials are informed, engaged and deeply vested in ensuring that our state level representatives are truly hearing what is expected of them," Superintendent Brad Neavin said.

School Board President Bruce Sucher says the resolution is a result of an "earlier joint meeting during which we discovered our common problem of state interference."

Officials from the three entities say reduced funding and unfunded mandates have placed a bigger tax burden on Vandalia-Butler residents.  Now officials are looking for support from citizens as they move forward with their call for increased local control.

“We will continue our efforts to engage our citizens and garner their support. We will also be working with an ever-broadening circle of local jurisdictions attempting to regain local control," Sucher said.

Resolution No. 15-R-101


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