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Science Students Tackle Tough Troubles with Real Solutions

Science Students Tackle Tough Troubles with Real Solutions

Finding a solution to a problem is the focus for these 8th grade science students at Morton Middle School during the last month of school.

Students are exploring Science and Technology and Scientific Ways of Knowing Indicators through problem based learning. Students are building a solution to a problem with more than two constraints or limits. Then, the 8th graders evaluate the effectiveness of the design and solution.

In addition, students are making predictions and altering their designs and solutions based on their trials of success and error.
So far, students have built towers out of paper, built towers with mini marshmallows and spaghetti, built containers to protect a raw egg from a 21-foot drop, and will finish the year building rockets out of soda bottles.

In each of the tests, students have to sketch a design, create the product, measure the cost effectiveness of the design to stay within the limits of their “cost” and then evaluate the overall effectiveness of the end product.

We’ll follow along as these super scientists put their designs to the test!

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