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It is imperative that students be in attendance each school day in order not to miss a significant portion of their education. Many important lessons are learned through active participation in classroom and other school activities which cannot be replaced by individual study..

In Ohio, children are required to attend school from age six to eighteen unless the pupil has graduated from high school, is employed on an age and school certificate, or has been determined to be incapable of profiting substantially from further instruction. While it is the school’s duty to enforce the compulsory attendance law, responsibility for compliance with the law rests upon the parents, guardians, or other persons having control of the child. (Sec 3321.01 Ohio Revised Code).

The State of Ohio has officially implemented House Bill 410 with the start of the school year 2017-18. House Bill 410 has adjusted the attendance require­ments of all students in Ohio. In past years students had absences recorded by either a half day or full day absence. Starting with this current school year, all absences are recorded by hours missed. Student absences will fall into two categories, “Habitual Tru­ant” and “Excessive Absences”.