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Safety and Security

School Safety Officer Mission

To promote school safety by serving as a role model and building a positive school climate in which everyone feels safe.  This is accomplished by supporting a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment and by establishing a trusting channel of communication with all who visit our campuses.

SSO Responsibilities

  • Maintain a presence in each school building throughout the district.
  • Foster respectful relationships with students and staff in order to support a positive school climate.
  • Incident response, crime prevention, observation, and reporting.
  • Provide tips and precautions to students and staff on how to prevent potential security situations.

School Safety Officers play an integral role within the Vandalia-Butler City School District.
Approachable to students, yet always attentive to safety and security concerns, our SSOs find the perfect balance to let students, staff, and families know that VBCSD is a safe and caring environment.