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Vandalia Butler City Schools Connecting Aviators

Our Children, Our Community 2021 Strategic Plan

Board Approved:  April 25, 2017

Vandalia Butler City Schools (hereinafter known as VBCS) adopted its first Partners for Excellence Strategic Plan in the Year 2000. The plan enjoyed separate updates in 2002, 2007, and 2011 to keep its relevance with developments in educational legislation and district progress from year to year.

Strategic Leadership Associates (hereinafter known as SLA) has been privileged to work with VBCS during all these planning cycles. In addition, SLA has assisted VBCS with numerous parent and community satisfaction surveys over the years from 2000 to 2010.

Since 2011, VBCS has addressed a series of financial challenges, including levy failures resulting in the passage of a new levy in the fall of 2013 to support these schools. VBCS recruited and retained a new Superintendent in 2013 and a new Treasurer in 2014.

The district anticipates relocating its administrative building to the old library building to be renovated in an effort to conserve community resources and demonstrate fiscal accountability for its leadership. The district continues to enjoy a strong academic performance on all state indicators. Since 2011, the majority of VBCS Board of Education members have been replaced by new Board members for the district.

Our Vision

Our Children, Our Community
We are Aviators!

Strategic Leadership Associates is assisting VBCS in developing Connecting Aviators - Our Children, Our Community 2021 Strategic Plan in the following phases:

  • Phase I – Educational Capabilities Assessment
  • Phase II – Connecting Aviators – Our Children, Our Community 2021 Vision and Strategy Development
  • Phase III – Strategic Action Plan Development
    • Core Strategy A: Sustained Academic Excellence
    • Core Strategy B: Hire, Develop, and Retain Staff Talent
    • Core Strategy C: Assure Stakeholder Engagement
    • Core Strategy D: Promote Local Governance 
    • Core Strategy E: Maintain a Future Facilities Plan 

To review and download the full plan, click here.